Jaws (1975). Στίβεν Σπίλμπεργκ…

Jaws (1975). Στίβεν Σπίλμπεργκ
Φωτογραφία: Bill Butler
Φωτογραφία: Louis Goldman

Jaws (1975). Στίβεν Σπίλμπεργκ... 1

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

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  1. odd that even way way ltr on dick zanuck produced 1999 rules of engagement as well w tommy lee,sam jackson,ben kingsley 😉😉😉

  2. still been great if speilberg had done jaws 2 as well yet he was doing mega film “close encounters” 😎👌👌

  3. speilberg did the whacky wild ww2 comedy 1941 was a film like no other & only in the 70’s era no doubt something like that be done!!!