Jean Claude Van Damme vs Bolo Yeung (Behind The Scenes)

Αυτό το βίντεο σάς δίνει την ευκαιρία να κοιτάξετε ΠΙΣΩ ΑΠΟ ΤΑ ΣΚΗΝΗ: 0:11 Jean Claude Van Damme και Bolo Yeung Ταινίες: Bloodfight, Bruce Lee’s Dragons Fight Back, Cyborg, Street Fighter, Tiger Claws, Double Team, The Expendables 2, Ironheart, Until Death, In Hell, Replicant. Κανάλι Behind The Scenes: Ομάδα σε VK: Επίσης μπορείτε να δείτε: Captain America: Civil War – Mad Max: Fury Road – #JeanClaudeVanDamme #BoloYeung #BehindTheScenes

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  1. now I break you like I break your friend ? that was the best fight but man all the fights in that movie where so good we need something like that now

  2. Thugs in the restaurants:

    5 mins were gonna pull the plug and declare that this is a hold up..

    ( Van Damme arrives and they saw bolo is in the restaurant)

    Okay stay calm guys.. lets walk out one at a time..

  3. this video is never getting old, i remember watching it at 5yrs and it is as well interesting upto date!! jcvd

  4. Very good people there.. It must be hard to stay normal after making so much cash..This video brought a smile to my face… thanks guys you still rock hard ! ! !