The Impossible (Tom Holland) (Behind The Scenes)

Αυτό το βίντεο σάς δίνει την ευκαιρία να δείτε ΠΙΣΩ ΑΠΟ ΤΑ ΣΚΗΝΗ του: 0:11​ The Impossible (Tom Holland) Η ιστορία μιας τουριστικής οικογένειας στην Ταϊλάνδη που βρέθηκε στην καταστροφή και τον χαοτικό απόηχο του τσουνάμι του Ινδικού Ωκεανού το 2004. (IMDB) Παραγωγή: Apaches Entertainment Telecinco Cinema Διανομή: Summit Entertainment Προϋπολογισμός: $45 εκατομμύρια Ταμείο: 198 εκατομμύρια $ Πρωταγωνιστούν: Tom Holland Naomi Watts Ewan McGregor Behind The Scenes Κανάλι: Ομάδα στο VK: Επίσης μπορείτε να δείτε: The Gentlemen: Sin City : A Dame to Kill For: #BehindThe Scenes #The Impossible #TomHolland .

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  1. This movie made me almost throw up around the more gorey parts, since then i avoided disaster movies like the plague, really well made

  2. The Tsunami scene in the movie: ‘The Impossible’ (2012) (along with the Tsunami in ‘Hereafter’ (2010) has to be the most: chilling, realistic tsunami scene I’ve ever seen in a movie. There is no musical score whatsoever, it’s all complete happenstance, as your just watching all those innocent people mothers, fathers, children old men and women just get obliterated by the tsunami, as it destroys everything in its path. Just watching those innocent people get swept by the wave as they scream in agony as they get swept through the debris and bushes underwater. You can literally feel almost everything in this scene.The Impossible (2012) and ‘Hereafter’ (2010) are the most realistic tsunami scenes i have ever seen in a movie.

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