Κατασκευή DIY ξύλινων πάγκων από ΚΟΝΤΡΑ ΠΛΑΚΕ & LAMINATE

Μάθετε πώς να κατασκευάζετε πάγκους κουζίνας DIY από κόντρα πλακέ και laminate με λιγότερο από $300! Αυτό είναι το δεύτερο βίντεο της σειράς ανακαίνισης κουζίνας DIY: ! Ευχαριστούμε τον Lowe’s για τη χορηγία αυτής της σειράς : #sponsored 📦 Υλικά που χρησιμοποιούνται στην εγκατάσταση του ντουλαπιού (συνεργάτης): ¾” Κόντρα πλακέ : Λαμινέ : Τσιμέντο επαφής : 2 ½” Βίδες καταστρώματος : Κόλλα κατασκευής : Spar Urethane : Νεροχύτης : Disposalet . Συσκευές Samsung : Συνδυασμός φούρνου τοίχου μικροκυμάτων : κουκούλα : Επαγωγική εστία : Πλυντήριο πιάτων : 👕

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  1. Panel saw at Loews OR Home Depot ETC. DO NOT cut strips longer than 4 ' . (AND you likely pay for that )

  2. As I also like the look of the visible plies in plywood, I built the table top for my assembly table in my garage from 1250 x 42mm (49" long x 1 /5/8" wide) staves of scrap 13/16" formwork plywood from work with the resin surface planed off, and ended up with a 1200 x 840 x 40mm (47 1/4" x 33" x 1 9/16") slab. I finished the edges with a 1/8" roundover bit and treated the surface with 4-5 coats of satin clear flooring laquer. It came out absolutely fantastic. 🙂
    I mounted the table top to the 2×4 frame with 9 countersunk carriage bolts (rectangular frame 1000mm long x 760mm wide with a central crossmember).

  3. Nice work, I personally like the granite, and wood that was there before better, but to each their own. But I would like to say, I totally respect the fact that you showed everything, including your screwups. I like that you didn't edit that stuff out, because we all know that stuff happens. What you were going for in the end looked very professional, skilled. I learned a lot!

  4. Just seen this and held my head in my hands when you didn't seal the back edges… I've seen countless worktops (counter tops ) blow on the back edges where they should have been protected by silicon/caulk… water/liquid always has a way and it'll always catch you out; for the extra time, i'd always seal all the edges in a kitchen top…

  5. Really cool. There are a lot of little details I really like with your videos. The older I get the less intimidating these projects are. Looking forward to getting started on my own kitchen!

  6. Great video Keith. So how is the MFT table shaping up? I saw you did a follow up video but when I went to watch it had been deleted. Is it available on your Patreon channel?

  7. fantastic.

    I am starting this project soon. I got 50 sheets of 3/8" baltic birch thru a friend for $6 each and this is the perfect use. I will triple it up for a 1 1/8" buildup.

  8. outstanding project and results! YouTube is doing a great job sending your earlier vids I've miss into the feed! so coool. hope your weekend is a perfect one

  9. food disposal is something from the 90s. I removed every one I ever saw. Suprised they still go in in this day and age.

  10. Great video and it looks great! Did you add the strips only for aesthetic purposes for the thicker edge? Would the 3/4 inch plyboard do the job by itself?

  11. Coming from another fellow carpenter, you did a great job filming the process. (Sometimes a camera can't show the true work being done! ) Keep building my friend!

  12. Oh man, I felt physical pain when you said you cut the laminate with it upside down. I’m always overlooking stuff like that when I DIY, especially the first time I try a new project.

  13. TY 4 making the screw ups for us. We’re learning what not 2 do & what to do… batters up!

  14. would this work if you sealed the plywood and didn't add a top to it? We want a wood looking counter top on a budget

  15. What is ripping and this video goes fast. Yes I did use the pause but I’m still lose!!!!

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  17. Hey Johnny,

    I’m about to replace my kitchen counters with this Plywood laminate counter top. What size chamfer bit did you use??

  18. you might not need to make a whole table first and then cut big hole for sink and oven…haha

  19. Nicely done, especially appreciate the warts-and-all mistakes and fixes. Do you have a link (or product name) for the foam adhesive strip you used under the Samsung induction cooktop to keep it clean?

  20. 17:05 LOL Panic mode erases all brain activity that started the panic!!! Just put the stopper back in the drain!!! hahahaha

  21. Venetian blinds work the best, take one apart and lay the strips on top of the glued counter top, lay the laminate into position then pull the strips out one by one starting at the center. A sharp wood plane works the best on the edges and one more tip, never try to glue in high humidity it sets up nicely in A/C environment.

  22. You should probably raise the sure vent up as high as you can without making it difficult to replace. Anyway I looked up this video because I'm planning on making a plywood countertop but not using laminate. I want the wood look myself but not sure if I want to use a darker finish then my floors or not but I am hopeful it will turn out well otherwise I'll just laminate it lol. It will be a few weeks or longer before I can get time to do it but I'm looking forward to it.

  23. Awesome video. Great tips.. plus I'll be completely remodeling our kitchen. This countertop can save me some money. Also thanks for keeping all the mistakes that you did. Its awesome to see that you can deal with anything, just gotta be patient with yourself! And none of us perfect 👌

  24. Don’t forget to install granite if you ever sell your house. This will literally take 20K off the value of your house

  25. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t use BB ply? Or ApplyPly if you’d prefer a local plywood over the import. I know it’s more expensive BUT it is way more stable and at 3/4” you’d get that beautiful 13-ply edge. (I know sponsorship and all)

  26. Totally impractical DIY. Doing it for the sake of doing it with all the tools and Lowe's sponsoring

  27. When I installed my cooktop I didn’t use the clips. It had a nice non skid seal under the lip and weighed a ton. It hasn’t moved but don’t tell anyone. 👍

  28. Couldah just put back the drain plug hoss…it stops the water from flowing out the sink!

  29. Little did he know that his counter top table made from ply wood would be the most expensive choice in the future…

  30. Well… you know how it goes.. someone like me is going to comment. 1. turned out great. I may do something like this. 2. Nortric birch.. 3. use dowels.. like 100 of them. 4. you can also come back with a block of wood and a hammer. Smacking that down really makes it grab the adhesive. 5. put a round over on that. 1/8 – 1/16th. Really softens the edge. A

    Seriously good job. I have the same layout minus the area to the outside of the washing machine. Going to start doing the math to do this. Got a like and a sub. 😉

  31. Awesome video ,instructions ….( I do prefer to have it in a little slower pace thou ) Love the idea about using strips vs. a whole new sheet of plywood. Everything came out beautiful.. Great job. Thank s again