DIY Επίτοιχη Σχάρα Ποδηλάτων | Τρόπος κατασκευής – Ξυλουργική

Δωρεάν Πρότυπο ραφιών ποδηλάτων : Σε αυτό το έργο ξυλουργικής, θα σας δείξω πώς να κατασκευάσετε μια επιτοίχια σχάρα ποδηλάτου DIY χρησιμοποιώντας βραχίονες στήριξης ραφιών! Κάντε το χώρο αποθήκευσης του ποδηλάτου σας στο επίκεντρο του σπιτιού σας και τοποθετήστε το ποδήλατό σας. Αυτό είναι ένα εξαιρετικό έργο για αρχάριους και δεν απαιτούνται πολλά εργαλεία για την κατασκευή αυτής της σχάρας ποδηλάτου!
Βίντεο και σχόλια από το κανάλι Crafted Workshop

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

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  1. Elegant, however what I would have done differently is make a deeper cut out where the frame sits. Or put a lip or a piece of a 1/2 inch piece of wood in the front so it won’t slide off.

  2. Couldn't help but notice the Hi-Wire hat. Are you in NC? Charlotte here. I was thinking, what if you were to build the rack in 2-3 smaller sections, ones that were within the capacity of your spindle sander? You could use it to cut down on the amount of sanding necessary by assembling the already-sanded sections, and reducing the number of glue joints that would need to be hand-sanded. Just a thought….

  3. Wow I only need a router a drill press a sander a table saw a cad machine band saw planer….wow dude. Wow. I'm trying to do this with a skillsaw a drill and a palm sander. I appreciate your skill and understand that you are a professional but this is farrrr beyond any average person. If I can find a channel that does barebones carpentry projects I will install subscribe….just saying…

  4. Johnny this is a cool looking project! A lot better looking than those metal racks out there. I was hoping you had a clever way of sanding the glue off like making a jig you can set the piece in and sending it through the Planner or Belt Sander. Great work man! Oh I think I missed this, but did you say how much the supports can hold weight wise?

  5. Hey Johnny I just saw on Alex's channel that you guys might be looking for a mountain biker with a new van to do a build out. Please hit me up! Thank you

  6. Im wondering if you were to stagger the lengths of the dowels if it would add any structural integrity. That way each section would have at least a solid piece of dowel. I noticed that a section would start with half pieces. Does that make any sense? Or even use a dowel the length of the rack?

  7. this is nice. if only Ikea sells something that we can use instead to save time. very few people have all the tools in their house for this project.

  8. As wall art, it's good. As a functional bike rack, not so much. Virtually everyone who actually rides a road bike always have 2 water bottle cages mounted inside the frame.

  9. Great looking project. I can tell that you're not trying to make these to sell for a profit! You'd either need to work for free, or get the materials for free, (or both), to be able to sell these for a profit. You do great work. You're like an artist. My problem is that I'm viewing things from 35 years in production management. (Speed, material costs, profits).