DIY Modern Raised Planter Box // How To Build – Woodworking

Κατασκεύασα αυτά τα απλά αλλά όμορφα μοντέρνα κουτιά ζαρντινιέρας χρησιμοποιώντας Cedar από το κέντρο του σπιτιού και μερικά κομμάτια γωνιακού σιδήρου. 👕
Βίντεο και σχόλια από το κανάλι Crafted Workshop

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

33 Σχόλια

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  1. Nice video, but this is definitely way overdone and overcomplicated. Its nice you have all these fancy tools and helpers, but you could do all this with nothing but a drill, saw, glue, pencil, and measure tape. Sandpaper as well if you want to finish it. It would be more beneficial for anyone looking to follow your videos to make their own version if you cut down on the amount of tools and simplify.

  2. Love this! I'd like a taller planter using the same design. How wide do you think a planter would need to be if it were 36" to 48" tall in order to be stable?

  3. Great video! Thanks for sharing. Can they be safely used for vegetable or fruit plants? The reason I ask is because of the pressure treated wood used. Thanks again

  4. This so complicated , can you show how to make one without all those tools, ie just a handsaw and screwdriver! I’m a girl want to make a decking planter but couldn’t do that,

  5. Your mom is a master gardener, my mother called me a masturbator, two very different things, great work, love them, i am building these for my garden.

  6. "You can build this with a mitre saw and a drill"? What about the glue, t-square, clamps, angled drill guide thingy, nailgun, sander, etc? Looks great though.

  7. I’m surprised he doesn’t have tools to do the building and talking for him. I’m sure real do-it-yourselfers are excited to use their 100 tools they have all set up and running in their workshops.

    Good idea nonetheless.

  8. I did my garden boxes like yours only I used 4 x 4's instead of a 1 x2. I wondered about using a pool liner with holes at the bottom to keep the moist off the boards, but I thought that might create mold.

  9. "An extremely simple build–you don't need many tools at all!" He says after spending hours laboring in his fully-outfitted home workshop with thousand dollars of equipment. You kidding me? I don't own a miter saw, let alone a garage to house it in…