EPIC Τραπεζαρία & Καρέκλες από ξύλο & μέταλλο Κατασκευή

Αφού ανακαινίσαμε σχεδόν ολόκληρο τον πρώτο όροφο του σπιτιού μου, μέσα στα συντρίμμια, φαινόταν ότι χάσαμε την τραπεζαρία….. Είπα ψέματα. το πέταξα. Τώρα, λοιπόν, ήρθε επιτέλους η ώρα να φτιάξω μια καινούργια και να δοκιμάσω τις δυνάμεις μου και να φτιάξω μερικές καρέκλες βιομηχανικού στυλ. Πήρα κάποια έμπνευση από την Jory Brigham και σχεδίασα αυτό το σετ τραπεζαρίας από λευκή δρυς και μέταλλο.
Βίντεο και σχόλια από το κανάλι John Malecki

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

41 Σχόλια

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  1. I’m sorry but I think I’m the only one that doesn’t like the chair feet. But loving everything else that’s a chair style that’s perfect for anyone’s home

  2. Great build! I love the approach you bring to your remodeling it will really give your house a unique feel witch put the history of it in valour!

    Little critic though, to much use of words like EPIC, ULTIMATE, AMAZING in the video titles make them sound cheezy and infomercially (if it is a word). I know you are far from the only one to embrace this tendancy and it might help bring attention to your channel, but trying a little variation could be refreshing.

    Anyhow, this is not a critic about the videos and i still think your team is really great at building innovative and original builds that inspire me in my own work. Keep on the good work!

  3. Great looking table top! I wish I started watching your videos earlier. I recently made a dining room table and joined my 2x6s and 2x8s together with… pocket holes! Just waiting for it to explode now. I promise I will never use my pocket hole jig to join 1 1/2" boards again!

  4. Tell me, are you a struggling actor or Tarantino fan? Anyway after watching you and the music for a while I was expecting some car chase, gun shots and bloodshed.

  5. I really enjoy the final look of the chairs with the wooden feet. The whole project is great and would love to have something like that as my dinning set. But the only thing I would have done differently would have been routering out a recess for the metal leg assembly's. That way the mounting plate would be flush with the underside of the table.

  6. Your design and creation came out amazing the design details were awesome – no one will believe they were coincidental.
    @JohnMaleki you're going to go far my friend. You're honest, entertaining and not above showing your mistakes that makes people think they can make it themselves.

  7. Is there a specific thickness you make your tabletops? I know this can vary depending on the project but just curious to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

  8. Hey man. First….AWESOME videos. Relatively new subscriber. Great stuff for motivation and inspiration. Are you a Marine veteran? I noticed the Marine Corps colors up in your shop and thought I'd ask. If you didn't, no worries. If you did, Semper Fi brother.