Angry Farmer Flips Car Off His Land – Fails Of The Week | FailArmy

Old McDonald he was not, but that’s what you get for trespassing. You’ll need to leave his driveway, but stick around for a frisky possum, rogue bus, epic waves, water sport fails and the greatest D’Oh! since Homer Simpson. This week’s best fails leave our jaws dropped, heads scratched, and bellies sore. Happy Fail Friday!

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  1. That farmer wouldn't have done that to my car, unless maybe he was protected by bullet-proof glass, he could've easily killed that guy when he hit him with the forks, that farmer deserved to have his brain-pan emptied for that move.

  2. Whatever the guys did, the farmer certainly tasted the smell of cell’s iron bar for some weeks…. For life threatening on public road …

  3. he could have called a tow truck but because he can't handle his emotions the moron got charged and paid alot of money out of his pockets grown people acting like this is pathetic…. most of you need to fix your mentalhealth…… life is very easy compared to some places and yet you piss your selves when a small problem occures get checked

  4. Would love to see what happened before the guys started filming their car being moved.
    You just know they were complete idiots to get a reaction like that