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  1. I loved her as Abby Ewing in Knots Landing! Never a dull moment on that show with Abby Ewing! Great actress!😊

  2. DONNA MILLS portrayed ABBY CUNNINGHAM EWING SUMNER on the US primetime soap KNOTS LANDING for 14 seasons ( which I enjoyed watching its entire run over local TV network GMA-7 ). But before that she played leading lady opposite CLINT EASTWOOD in the movie ‘PLAY MISTY FOR ME’.

  3. I don’t know the year she was born. Not important,but I am sure she was born December 11th same as me

  4. Hey if I remember right she was one of the schemers on that show wasn’t she? Great show I watched it quite a bit back in the day!!

  5. We remember you when you was young and watch you on tv as a actor and you look still young and beautiful woman tony

  6. Ah, she was the best as the femme fatale on “Knots Landing.” Mesmerizing. Loved her since first seeing “Play Misty for Me.”