Donna Reed και Shelley Fabares…

Donna Reed και Shelley Fabares

Donna Reed και Shelley Fabares... 1

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

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  1. never saw a show where the family looks exactly like they are related, paul peterson looked liked the dad as well.

  2. Two great people remember the Donna reed show I remember the song Johnny angel had a great voice

  3. had a crush on Donna Reed ever since I saw her on “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Beautiful and classy lady.

  4. Had a crush on Shelley Fabares. I’m pretty sure they introduced her first hit song “Johnny Angel “ on an episode of Donna Reed.

  5. Loved The Donna Reed Show My Favorite Next To My Three Sons Ozzie And Harriet Leave It To Beaver And Dennis The Menace And Family Affair And Nanny And The Professor

  6. Refreshing! In today’s world, they would have jeans with holes in them, stringy purple hair down in their eyes, and a bikini top.

  7. To me Donna Reed got more beautiful as she got older. I’ve watched all the movies she ever made. It broke my heart when she died. 😔

  8. I always thoughr that Shelly Faberes looked enough like Donna Reed that they could have been related.

  9. They look like mother and daughter in that picture. I also liked Donna when she was on Dallas, for a short time.

  10. Like mother like daughter! Really.. it’s amazing how much they look alike although not related, excellent casting…