Don’t Look Up (2021). Ο Άνταμ ΜακΚέι…

Don’t Look Up (2021). Άνταμ ΜακΚέι
Φωτογραφία: Linus Sandgren
Φωτογραφία: Niko Tavernise

Don't Look Up (2021). Ο Άνταμ ΜακΚέι... 1

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  1. A lot of people are confused about the moral of the story here. This is not a depiction of Climate Change. This movie is exposing what happens when we let the wealthy and greedy people of the world call the shots on apocalyptic situations that could end humanity. You could write to a congressman, or you could speak on live television, or create your youtube channel, or write a book…anything to make the world see your point on Climate Change. The moral is that nothing will change and nothing will happen, because your voice does not matter to the people who really rule the world. Let’s get another thing straight…the movie also summarizes well that the people in D.C. know absolutey nothing about running the country, they are just puppets. If you really want to make a change, acknowledge that the banks are the real drivers behind what is wrong in the world…the banks create the real wealth, which creates greed and ego. If you want to make change, then start exposing them…not waving a sign or speaking to an uneducated audience about something that will happen ten to fifty years down the road. People will make fun of you, just like they did in this movie. The solution is to take the fight to the people that are really controlling the world, who will do anything to make another dollar, at all costs. Climate Change is Corporate Greed.

  2. Not a production guy so a noon question, but I am always curious how the focus puller guy does his job. Does focus change that often and can he pick it up that quick and change looking at the monitor?

  3. I couldn’t find anything about the specs on which camera(s) and lenses this wonderful movie was shot. Does anyone has infos?

  4. Shape Handles are gonna suddenly be $4000 a pair because of this photo. Love this! Linus is a genius.

  5. Amateuer question: What’s the main reference for the focus puller here? The monitor looks so tiny and at this distance to me the rangefinder thing doesn’t look very accurate when the goal is to keep the eyes in focus. Educated guess by eye and training?