CRAZY Εποξειδική Κατασκευή Τραπεζιού Tree 🌳

Αφού φτιάξαμε το Epoxy Lava Table & Epoxy Waterfall River Tables, ήξερα ότι ήθελα να φτιάξω ένα δέντρο. Σε αυτό το βίντεο λοιπόν φτιάχνω ένα CRAZY Epoxy Tree Table. Αυτό ωθεί τις ικανότητές μου στα άκρα. Με το πιο δυνατό carving που έχω κάνει ποτέ. και. μια τρελή μέθοδος τοποθέτησης. RIVER TABLE EPOXY
Βίντεο και σχόλια από το κανάλι John Malecki

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

34 Σχόλια

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  1. You tried really hard on this "organic" look, obviously. But it looks like a cartoon product, nothing I pay to have in my home. But so many OTHER products (most of them all) you've made would be very welcome in my home. 😀👍

  2. The off the wall builds that you come up with are always top notch. Love watchin these crazy ideas come to life !

  3. I would have tried suspending the legs higher up to maybe try to get more epoxy between the mold and where it connects to the base. Maybe you didn’t have enough room as it wasn’t the deepest poor. Came out cooler than I was expecting

  4. I don't love how the legs are sticking through and visible on the top of the table. I think it'd be cool if you found a way to avoid that. maybe build a jig from which to basically hang the wood part over the pour form, in a way that it reaches only half the thickness of the epoxy?

  5. Arbortech has a new mini grinder with a2" wheel and skinny neck for tight spots. I've sold a few at work to some masons that attach a diamond wheel for tight mortar joints. I forget the model number at the moment.

  6. Wow.. How much cost table like this one?? And do you ship it to UK, Teddy bear????

  7. That thing turned out way better than I expected, but where does one put something like that ?

  8. I’m an arborist and a novice woodworker. I am very inspired. Thank you! And love all your vids!!

  9. This is pretty awesome! I have a few daughters that would love something like this. If I wanted to build something similar but not have the ends of the wood showing on the top (not that it looks bad) I would assume I would just build a hanging jig it so it doesn't go all the way down in the mold. My question is how much of the wood needs to be in the epoxy to have a firm grip and not have to worry about it coming off? I understand this will most likely be a guess but I'll take that as a starting point! Thanks in advance.

  10. Ive done tables like this w stacks of plywood. Breaking was an issue along the limbs. Love it/am gonna try it myself

    Great job

    btw, omg the sanding and carving dust…right?!

  11. This is so neat, should try to make another one in the future, add some jungley hanging bits in the top, would be so awesome