DIY μπανιέρα ντους Combo Makeover

Σε αυτό το βίντεο, θα σας δείξω πώς έβγαλα τον παλιό κλασικό συνδυασμό μπανιέρας ντους και του έδωσα μια εκπληκτική αναμόρφωση.
Βίντεο και σχόλια από το κανάλι Mr. Build It

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

40 Σχόλια

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  1. I know this comment will probably not be seen, but if you do happen to see it, could you let us know how the black spray paint has held up over the year? I'm really curious if it's durable or not.

  2. i know you probably get asked this all the time, but how are you measuring and cutting correctly? im talking about tiles, mounting points, holes for plumbing, all that stuff. are you measuring the spot against and x and Y access and the then marking, or using cardboard or something like that to sketch out the holes?

  3. A shop towel (disposable) between the pliers and the fixture will prevent scratches to the surface. Good thing my friend taught me, pass along

  4. AWESOME Excepttttttttt……wait for it………You should have cut in a shower niche for shampoo bottles and soaps. I love the modern minimalist clean look but function needs to be considered…unless you like walking around with a shower caddy like your living in a college dorm. Still, this a huge upgrade.

  5. Why not to put cement board all the way to the top?
    Isn't the way it should be done?
    I am just educating my self, please respond and thank you.

  6. Good video. I was getting ideas on how it is done before I quoted someone to do it since it looks like a lot of detail for a naïve plumber like me. I would like to see comments on a new thing I am finding now on most Hotels I am running into (I travel a lot).
    The idea is to offer the option to install the water controls on the entry side that way the user can adjust the temperature before getting into the water stream usually in the opposite side. Yes, I know, its a lot of plumbing but, from personal experience, I like this option as well as multiple heads (one on top coming down from the ceiling and another from the wall with a selector to either/both heads).

  7. I’m a little surprised you didn’t go the same way as the sink tile and take it to the ceiling. That plus hanging the shower curtain near the ceiling looks amazing!