DIY συρταρωτά ράφια με ασύρματα LED

Δείτε πώς κατασκευάζω αυτά τα DIY πλωτά ράφια με ασύρματα LED για την αναμόρφωση του γραφείου μου! Εργαλεία/Αναλώσιμα που χρησιμοποιούνται: Ταινία συσκευασίας με νήματα – Διανομέας ταινίας – Χειριστής κόντρα πλακέ Gorilla Gripper – Mirka Deros Sander – Gorilla Gripper Handler κόντρα πλακέ – Card Scraper – Cordless Brad Nailer – LED Kit Lights (80 ανά 5m παράδειγμα, αγοράστε καλύτερα) – Καλύτερα φώτα LED (300 ανά 5 μέτρα)- Τηλεχειριστήριο & ελεγκτής για φώτα – Μπαταρία USB – Υποδοχές καλωδίων LED – Κολλητήρι Hako FX88D – Καλώδιο τροφοδοσίας USB 5V – Μικρός διακόπτης ώθησης – Κανάλια αλουμινίου – Επέκταση καλωδίου φόρτισης Micro USB

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  1. You need to get off the floor, and design a flip down panel saw that uses a pulley to raise the structure to the ceiling, completely out of the way. Clamps lock the plywood to the support structure so nothing can move, regardless of vertical or horizontal cut with your track saw… Sort of a torsion box with 2x4s, where the outermost two are hinged to allow it to raise up. Cut just the right length to lower down and contact the floor at a comfortable angle to set the plywood on…

  2. add an esp32 d1 mini with the app WLED, as an led controller to that strip of leds and youd have many led effects and can then turn shelfs on with alexa app. i make these all the time. cheap and easy to make too! would make this shelf even cooler!

  3. So im new here. Great channel! Interesting projects! Gotta ask though, how many times have you been told you look like Ashton Kutcher? Willing to bet im definitely not the first to say it… Lol…

  4. LOVE your building this and fixing that stuffs! implementing a couple/3 of your ideas into the reno this summer!!
    I'm game to see what interesting install methods you can come up with for say, led base boards, inset led steps… you get the idea😉

  5. How do you like that Kreg track saw ? Given the price of all track saws figure i will ask questions vs blow a bunch of money on something that I wont be happy with.

  6. To save the cost of batteries and charging hassle, you could poke a small hole in the wall and fish power to a low voltage wall plate below the desk with a barrel jack on it and power with a wall wart.

  7. I'd like to build these shelves for my space which would make them 48" long. But where they would be going, the wall has 24" on center studs and the shelves would extend 16" to the left of one stud, then 8" to the right of the other stud. Would this affect the structrual integrity of the mounting system?

  8. I'd run cable in the drywall. will be so frustrating to charge them up. be fun for the first 3 months after that I'd just be like Meh don't need them that bad.

  9. sabes que? me encanta !!!! que muestres el error por que así sabemos que no estas escondiendo nada, que todos somos seres falibles de cometer equivocaciones y que se pueden resolver, te quedo Genial asi que te re felicito! exitos, saludos desde Buenos Aires Argentina.

  10. Really great video. Only thing bothering me is the LEDs are visible on the top 2 shelves.

    Is there a practical way of having the shelves have a notch towards the edge sticking down to put the LEDs facing the wall?