Please Help Me, I’m Falling: Fails of the Week (August 2020)

It’s time for The Fails of the Week! This week we have a backflip that turns into a backflop, a very itchy dog, and more!


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50 Σχόλια

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  1. i think the dog scratching with two legs ahould be in the like a boss compilation ??. Its my first time seeing a welder being prank like that haha

  2. The kid and the taxes always gets me. I pay about 32k a year in taxes and I often think of all the extra things I could do in life if I didn’t have to. ?

  3. I came close to wetting myself with the poor guy looking at his first check. Hang in there buddy, it is only going to get worse with the dumbocrats in charge

  4. I knew about taxes before I got my first paycheck. Federal, state, insurance, union dues, all that. And I STILL felt like that kid when I got it.

  5. @4:45 none of us should be taxed on our labor especially federal, tax the purchases once, including our homes we live in there is no revenue from a house you are living in. If we sell then the buyer pays the tax at the sale once.

  6. That's some Bullshit about them taxes on that paycheck though. I feel him. Wtf we pay taxes for?? Streets, roads still fucked bumpy as hell, homeless peeps everywhere & other shit that should be covered under our taxes.