Garden of the Gods Park – Colorado Springs….

Garden of the Gods Park – Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods Park - Colorado Springs.... 1

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

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  1. Colorado Springs gets so much lightning it’s crazy on your way up to pikes Peak there’s a portion where it’s called devils playground. That’s where the most lightning strikes anywhere. 

  2. I saw the Garden of the Gods the. In 1950 when I was 5. That was the same trip that I nearly drowned in Denver Park

  3. How beautiful only God could create such beautiful life this beautiful sunrise in front of me today it’s beautiful the sky is so beautiful thank you Jesus

  4. I was in the Navy Weather School for Meteorology and Oceanography and it is still in my blood to be amazed at Thunderstorms.

  5. Been there it’s just so very beautiful!! Another one of God’s great creations so so beautiful!!! Amen!!!!