PELES CASTLE – Amazing castle in ROMANIA [ HD ]

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  1. Pros: Excellent Victorian Era architecture.
    Cons: No 9 foot tall vampire mom calling me a disgusting outsider.

  2. Interior quitely resembles resident evil village lol im seeking still for real life counterpart but here is close one 🗝️

  3. Very beautifully done. I also visited this castle and really like it very much. I enjoyed Christmas prince which was shot in this castle and Controceni palace in Bucharest.

  4. I did it in Minecraft, god it was a pain, now I just stare at a thousand empty rooms lmao, its quite a sight tho

  5. Who's here after watching A Christmas Prince? it looked so beautiful I almost thought that it was fake and the interiors were filmed somewhere else

  6. Heya Jenny here from UNILAD, would love to feature this video on our travel page UNILAD Adventure with credit to you! If you’re happy with that could you please submit the video without any water marks to the link below and if you have any questions feel free to email me at