Blade Runner (1982). Ο Ρίντλεϊ Σκοτ…

Blade Runner (1982). Ρίντλεϊ Σκοτ
Φωτογραφία: Τζόρνταν Κρόνενγουεθ

Blade Runner (1982). Ο Ρίντλεϊ Σκοτ... 1

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  1. Jordan was so far ahead of his time. LA ‘70s crews were used to blowing out sets with light. They didn’t understand Jordan’s moody light schematic. I worked with Jeff his son and 2nd grip of the film, Victor Schelov who both stated the crews were perplexed on the amount of darkness on set. It’s a painterly masterpiece now

  2. Just re-watched this last night. Still one of the most beautifully designed and shot movies in cinema history.

  3. One of those things that evolves over days if not weeks . Sad that so many models just end up in the bin having cost sooo much time and money

  4. I love those old practical effects, they made movies so much more believable than today’s green screen FX

  5. I think this is a picture that tells the very important truth in the process of making Blade Runner.

  6. This should really read, Blade Runner (1982). Ridley Scott
    Vfx Cinematography: David Stewart…. Dave shot all of the Visual fx model shots in this movie…