Leviathan (1989). Γιώργος Π. Κοσμάτος…

Leviathan (1989). Γεώργιος Π. Κοσμάτος
Φωτογραφία: Alex Thomson
Creature Effects Παραγωγός: Stan Winston

Leviathan (1989). Γιώργος Π. Κοσμάτος... 1

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

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  1. the USCG Sikorsky pelican helicopter in this film is great how it floats on the water 🤞🤞🤞😎

  2. same director also did 93 Tombstone oh’yeah & 86 COBRA still really surprised that even crenna was in leviathan as well

  3. Just in this picture alone, shows the amount of shot planning that has already taken place, to be confident enough to tell your Art department that you only need the front half of the helicopter.

  4. I only went to see this movie because it had many “dry for wet”-scenes (underwater stuff). Thanks to Alex Thomson it looked great ! The movie itself ? I wondered, if they even had a script !