Requiem for a Dream (2000) Σκην. Ντάρεν Αρονόφσκι…

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Requiem for a Dream (2000) Σκην. Ντάρεν Αρονόφσκι... 1

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  1. I was 13 when I watched this movie for the first time..still trumatized..but still think its one of a kind, “must see” film🙂

  2. محمد طارق
    الفيلم ده قرأت إنه خزان احزان و اكتئاب
    عايزين نشوفه سوا

  3. The editing and acting were absolutely outstanding. A masterpiece. And the MUSIC!!!
    Definitely in my top 10 without question.

  4. Gahhhh this part ripped my heart out..along with everything else towards the end lol..was introduced to this movie while in rehab at the age of 16… still one of my top favs to this day

  5. Such a fun cute classic. A must see for all the family. Quirky humor, and an ending that just leaves warmth in your heart.

  6. Lucas Bauer
    Ass to ass lol
    You put me on this movie forever ago and anytime I see it I think of those BGI summers

  7. منة شرف الدين
    اتفرجي ع الفيلم ده وبعدين اتكلمي عن الكئابه

  8. disturbing piece. can only watch it once or twice but it is worth a watch… excellent movie. just disturbing.