Broadbeach, Queensland, Αυστραλία !!…

Broadbeach, Queensland, Αυστραλία !!💗🥀
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Broadbeach, Queensland, Αυστραλία !!... 1

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

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  1. If you want to have M416 Glacier {ice} ~ Go to google search and type → kek3om .then enter the first site – I have M416 Glacier because of this site

  2. All those disappointing faces when people get to broadbeach and realise it doesn’t look like this and is just overedited af

    Always shocks me that people believe this is real

    If you haven’t see a sky like this before think why! It doesn’t exist!

  3. Home to where
    Them biscuits
    Lay flanked
    Beside other eatables

    Where welcome
    Is a squeeze
    In the breeze
    And a smile set in familiar

    Tucked away
    From the dreaded city
    In fact too far to care
    Where freedom abounds