THE LOVE BOAT (45η επέτειος)…

THE LOVE BOAT (45η επέτειος)

Αυτή η τηλεοπτική σειρά έκανε πρεμιέρα σήμερα το 1977

THE LOVE BOAT (45η επέτειος)... 1

Σου αρέσει; Μοιράσου το με τους φίλους σου!

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  1. Are used to love to watch you love boat and then came fantasy Island I think on Saturday nights we had all the good shows in those days to Dallas Melrose Place dynasty we had a Lotta good our shows and then we had they have found shows like happy days Laverne and Shirley and then if you go all the way back your head I love Lucy make room for daddy father knows Best courtship of Eddie’s father so many good shows in those days all in the family the Jeffersons nice shows and the kids are able to watch my son would beg me to watch Starsky and Hutch all the time and chips all the time and my daughter loved Little House on the Prairie because I remember buying her all the books from their set of books titles of all the years from the beginning to the end good shows

  2. I love The Love Boat guys love everything about the boat I used to watch every Saturday or every Friday when it when it came on it was wonderful I love that that TV show for like for always and forever and could never still I could never stop watching it I still watching on my phone thank you so much for everything take care love you guys stay safe love you so bye have a good one bye-bye

  3. Every saturday night I watched Love Boat then fantasy Island..couldn’t wait to watch it every Saturday.

  4. Every Saturday night i watched the love Boat and Fantasy Island when I was young the captain and i had same name. GAVIN……………….PEACE

  5. This was a saturday night staple. Never missed it. And although I loved all the characters, Julie was my favorite

  6. And it is still good and what a cast of guest stars. I never watched it when it started on T.V but when my wife and I travelled on the Sea Princess we used to get a episode every day . Cannot wait until next year

  7. Aww loved this back in the day , always wanted to go on it . It always had great stars on it. Loved the theme tune cheery wee song

  8. I grew up watching this show. I took my first cruise in june of 77. I had the intire crew as my extended imaginary family for years. I was so blessed to actually meet intire crew about 4 years ago on a princess inaugural cruise. Even met alot of original love boat guests still alive, charon. Even met gwendolyn Saunders the writer of the love boat series. I wish we had such talented celebrities still around, love boat displayed the best. Wish the love boat next wave would have survived. Funny how love boat is now a dating romance reality show

  9. This was my favorite show! When my husband & I went on our first cruise I was picturing us walking right on the ship & up to the cruise director for our room assignment – not stand in line forever with 3,000 other people😉

  10. I loved watching the love boat cos I wanted to be a passenger all my life and was very young at the time now I’m a lot older but still waiting to go on a cruise 🚢 so bring back the memories of love boat 🛥 ♥️♥️♥️🥰