A Clockwork Orange (1971) ·

A Clockwork Orange (1971) ·

A Clockwork Orange (1971) · 1

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  1. He was brilliant and visceral, his films often made me squirm. Clockwork was my favorite then Shining and Full Metal Jacket. The only one I really didn’t like was that mess with Tom Cruise, Eyes Wide Shut. Probably because I really can’t stand to watch that little dweeb in anything.

  2. I remember seeing this strange movie back in the day, don’t think I understood it then. Not seen it since.

  3. Welly well well my droogs, fancy a listen to some of the old Ludwig Van? Viddy people reacting to this flicky flick on the You Tubes ❤ tis ultra entertaining😂

  4. Película dirigida por Stanley Kubrick con Malcon Macdawell.tremenda y fuerte película.👍🎥

  5. in 91 u2 did there version song of it on the fly cd single!! very odd track no doubt 👌👌👌

  6. I didn’t understand it ether
    Watch it a couple times..
    Still I like it .. something to do with aliens I think .. or something…
    Anyone tell me what it was about..thanks

  7. After reading what movie critics & movie goers alike have said about “Clockwork Orange,” it is not a movie I ever want to see. Stanley Kubrick was an excellent director, but I am staying away from this movie of human terror & treacherous torment.